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  • I have an antique, will you buy it?"
    We unfortunately don’t purchase any items, as we, the store, don’t hold inventory, or take in donations. The store operates as an antique mall, so we have (pickers) vendors who go out a purchase items from auctions and estate sales on a regularly bases, they then set up the items in Iron Horse antiques and we take it from there. We can recommend trying to sell items online through Facebook Marketplace, local Facebook buy and sell groups, other websites that operate on a local level like Craigslist, or eBay if you are comfortable shipping items.
  • Do you have a specific antique that I am looking for?
    Since the store operates as an antique mall, we have a large inventory that is very fluid and constantly changing. We have 40 different (pickers) venders that provide us with stock on a regular basis. You are welcome to email the store or call us to ask if we’ve seen the item around in the store, but we cannot guarantee that we will know the answer, and often will recommend that you come in to look if you are local. If you are not able to come in yourself, we would recommend asking via email, so that we have time to check around the store before giving you an answer.
  • Will you hold an item for me?
    If we do have the item you are looking for and you cannot come in right away, we can place items on hold for up to 24 hours. After the 24 hours the item will be placed back out for sale. If we do not have what you are looking for, we do have a wish list that we provide to the (pickers) vendors a couple of times a month, so if you are interested in finding an item, we can take down your contact information and a description of the item you are looking for If any of our vendors have something that fits your description, or come across it in the near future, Iron Horse will reach out to you letting you know an item has come into the store.
  • Do you take returns?
    We do not take returns, as the items are antiques, so we have no way to ensure that they are in the same quality they were purchased in if they are brought back. There are concerns of thing being removed, misplaced, switched, or damaged and with our inventory at the shop there is no way we can keep up with each and every item. Please keep this in mind when making final purchases. All sales are final.
  • Can I get a discount?
    While we do not have any store-wide discounts, it is common for individuals’ booths to have sales going on. If they do, they will have a sign displayed in their booth stating that they have a sale or discount going and clarifying the terms (such as whether it only applies to items over a certain price, and how long it will go on for). We cannot provide discounts other than those displayed in the booth, and employees don’t have the discretion on discounts. We cannot offer discounts based on damage to an item. Items are sold as is and if we are aware of damage, we mark that on the tags of the items. These items are antiques and therefore are in all different states of wear. If an item states “FIRM” then there can be no discounts provide at all.
  • Do I need to wear a mask at Iron Horse ?
    Yes. Per the statewide mandate in Virginia, and Iron Horse policy everyone in the store over the age of 5 must wear a mask covering both their mouth and nose. The mask must cover both your mouth and nostrils to be considered proper attire. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a mask covering your mouth and nose, unfortunately you will not be permitted into our store and we recommend that you stay safe at home and come see us again when the mandate is no longer in effect.
  • If I purchase an item will you ship it to me.
    Yes, we would be happy to do that for you. We take your credit card information and the item to the USPS store that is less than a mile from our store where they wrap and box it and mail it directly to your address. The charges are put on your card without any kind of additional service charges from Iron Horse. This is a courtesy for our customers that have seen and item but decided later on to purchase the item.
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