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Each 2011 Burnished American Silver Eagle you can purchase here today is available inside of its original United States Mint blue display box. Your coin includes a Certificate of Authenticity with purchase.

The Burnished American Silver Eagles 2011 release was notable in that it marked the return of the series after a two-year hiatus. The Great Recession pushed precious metal prices to highs never seen before, leaving the US Mint struggling to source enough silver blanks to meet its legislative obligation to strike the bullion version of the American Silver Eagle.

As a result, the mint suspended collectible coin production in the American Eagle collection. The proof Silver Eagle was not struck during 2009, while the Burnished Silver Eagle was not struck in 2009 or 2010. Despite a two-year halt, the Burnished American Silver Eagle did not recover any popularity as mintage was down 130,000 from its last release in 2008.

On the obverse of 2011 Burnished American Silver Eagle coins is Walking Liberty. This depiction of Liberty features her figure as she walks from right to left across the coins surface with the American flag wrapped around her shoulders. The symbolism represents Americas march toward a brighter future.

The reverse of the 2011-W 1 oz Burnished American Silver Eagle coin bears the heraldic eagle of the United States. Modified for these coins in 1986 by John Mercanti of the US Mint, this symbol has been used in various versions on American coins since 1794 when the first coins were struck at the old Philadelphia Mint.

All Burnished American Silver Eagle coins are struck by the United States Mint. The W mint mark on the reverse of Burnished Silver Eagles denotes its production at the West Point Mint in New York.

2011 Silver Eagle "W" Burnished - LIMITED SIGNATURE EDITION

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